Weapons of Audio: “Bipolar”

The lasting impression that creativity leaves on the mind is overpowering in that it cannot be duplicated by any other medium of expression. Weapons of Audio is a duo that will not be duplicated nor surmounted. Two brothers from Atlanta, Georgia via Charlotte, North Carolina, have crossed boundaries that no other performers have even attempted, “people are real accepting of what we are doing, no one says you have to go on a straight line,” adds Floyd Daniels, the older of the two brothers. Starting with the blend in genres all the way to their style, Weapons of Audio is a tandem that allows their music and energy to say everything you need to know about them.

Weapons of Audio know their roots and stick to them while still exploring other genres without conformity. “Don’t conform, music is an expression and it shouldn’t be confined to a genre,” says Jeremy Daniels talking aboutBipolar. When recording the album, the brothers realized that every song was different. A producer stated this album is bipolar and from that moment on, they ran with it and released what is now Bipolar.

With Weapons of Audio’s first album, Bipolar releasing this past week, Sonic Eclectic has taken a deeper look into the freshest music off of the record.

“Kill My Boss”- Delivered to the overworked, underpaid individuals, who like everyone at some point, plots to kill their boss. With uplifting vocals and lyrics that anyone who has ever punched a clock can relate to, Weapons of Audio’s first single is sure to hit a nerve within everyone. According to Floyd the song was written with, “…a lot of bosses in mind… Don’t like 9-5’s, working for someone else; go to work just to pay bills with no money to last.” The song which recently made it to #4 on the djbooth.net indie chart.0408-BW-300x200


“Boulevard”- Another song that, along with a riveting guitar riff, adds catchy lyrics that everyone ends up singing along to. With Floyd who shows the group’s true hip-hop tendencies on the verse, he tells a story of a woman who is addicted to the nightlife. The brothers add, “the song is about a chick who parties and loves the nightlife. Every city has a boulevard.”

“If You Want Me”- The best blend of genres on the album, with Jeremy singing the hook and Floyd spitting on the verse a true taste of the appeal that Weapons of Audio has to offer the world at large. With Floyd and Jeremy strolling along the streets of New York on a date with CoCo and Breezy, well known as eye-wear designer twins, they feed them pizza and ice cream only to realize that they are on a date with blow up dolls the whole time.

Overall the album is a great testimony to the fun that Floyd and Jeremy both have in their daily lives, in the studio, and on stage. All the brothers ask of listeners is, “be open minded, don’t expect one sound… It is a lot, listen to it all the way through… feel it.”

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