White Blacula Do the Pyramid Twist

White Blacula

Pyramid Twist

Independent Release, 2013

This is a name your price release, and you have not one stinking excuse to do your best to wake the neighbors and the dead with this thing.“Pyramid Twist” is served with an irresistible shimmy shake beat guaranteed to make you get up and move that thing.

Along with the great camp rendering of the classic “Alligator Wine,” by the legendary Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, and is closed out with a rollicking “Catman.” The song’s motivated by an agitated shuffle beat, and there’s a manic saxophone solo by someone who clearly deserves better than union scale wages for his efforts.  So why haven’t you downloaded this thing yet and sent what’s left of the money Aunt Edna sent you for your birthday to the good people in White Blacula yet? You have no good excuses for ignoring these instructions for better audio listening and improved living so get a move on now!


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