White Darkness Creates Audio Landscapes

White Darkness


Denovali Records, 2011

The funereal dirge like musical constructs play out like a violent storm falling apart and winding down, leaving a long uneven trail of destruction in its path as daylight struggles to make itself known. The compositions are long, droning and like best classical compositions, startle the listener when they end.

“RMNNTs,” catches the listener off guard and starts off more brightly, and then wrestles with itself. The track turns around, unsure of where to head. Darkening like a storm cloud which threatens more rain, before finally coming apart at the seams, giving way to clear skies. The closing track, “The Volume of the Enclosure,” could very well be the sound of artillery upending a still meadow as young men square off against each other in the name of God and country.

There is a melding of classical music and doom rock in these cryptic and trance inducing compositions. This is what your nightmares should sound like.

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