WHM: Candice Glover’s ‘Music Speaks’ Loud!

Women’s History Edition: Candice Glover’s Music Speaks

I’m not going to pretend that I followed Candice Glover’s career on American Idol. In fact, my knowledge of her was pure happenstance. I’m very weary of reality TV competition winners. They win and then you never see or hear from them. Those who do succeed are either runner ups or have true star potential. I was listening to Jennifer Hudson the other day on Spotify when an ad for Candice Glover’s album appeared. I was intrigued by her voice and striking similarity to J-Hud so I switched the station. I’m glad I did. The 24 year old season 12 winner released her first studio album on February 18, 2014. Music Speaks is No. 3 on R&B Albums and No. 4 Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums right next to Toni Braxton and Beyoncé. Here’s my stab at her album.

1. Cried

A beautiful ballad about, you guessed it, heart break! An R&B album is not an R&B album without some tears and Kleenex. Her voice easily soars over the piano. My only critique is that it sounds very ‘American-Idoly’. It’s the kind of song that they’ll have winning contestants with big voices sing all the time. But I can see why the song is on here and why she chose to start the album with it. The song really shows off her vocal ability and gospel croons.

2. Die Without You

An urban, easy listen. Not the kind to dance or the kind to cry to. It’s just easy. One of those pass-time songs that you’ll put on to fill up silence.

3. Same Kinda Man

I love anything that sounds retro, so this is amongst one of my favorites. It’s very 60s and very Dionne Bromfield. This song proves that Candice can sing to any type of music. She can sing a country ballad and sound great. Her voice fits into any kind. She needs to make a music video to it!

4. Damn

As a lyrics person (basically that I pay special attention to lyrics), this song makes me say, damn. Musically, it’s pretty simple, played in half time (or 4/4 O.o?) But like I said, the lyrics are not no simple. Here’s a quick look at it:

Your phone rings in the morning
I know it’s her
She’s calling, isn’t she?
Wanna know where the hell you are
You need to answer it
But you stalling
Cause you don’t wanna tell her that you’re with me
But see that’s all I want

Chorus: damn, damn, damn, I fell in love with someone else’s man.

5. Passenger

Maybe it’s because I’m a Christian, but for some reason, this song sounds like a CCM hit. It can easily make it into the Christian music charts. The lyrics sound God-devoted. I love the musical direction of it. She sings over a sweet slow pop beat.

6. Forever That Man

This is obviously a ballad driven album. This song is a tear jerker (look, don’t judge me. I’m sensitive).

7. Kiss Me

Finally a break from all the pianos, a song that opens with guitar. This is a kissing-making song. Not so far into baby-making but perfect for uh, kissing. Very neo-soul, if ya know what I mean.

8. In the Middle

Very, very very different. Talk about a Caribbean, urban, 90s hip-hop mesh. But that’s the only thing special about it. Her voice is of course great but the melody is too familiar and the lyrics are a bore. “Your love is like, oh yea.” What exactly does that mean?

9. Coulda Been Me

I love the musicality here (except for the annoying auto tuned voice saying ‘girl that coulda been you’ every other measure). I love the combustion of the background singers, the drums, the random sax, electrical inputs, and Candice’s trills. This is going to be a hit. I can feel it!

10. Thank You

A beautiful song. It parallels yet juxtaposes with the first song. It’s a long cry from being ‘american-idoly’ yet it shows off her huge voice. It sounds like a song that can be sung at a musical. Dreamgirls Pt. II, anyone?

11.  Love Song

She does a great rendition of The Cure’s “Lovesong”. It’s very different from the rock band’s original and also different from Adele’s contralto take on it. It was the first 10 seconds of this song that caught my attention to Candice. But it got boring after that.

7.5/10   I love Candice’s voice but I find it very hard to believe her. She embellishes well but the heartbreak she’s singing about, I can’t believe. She is definitely a wedge between the sexy-secular Jennifer Hudson and the CCM artist, Mandisa, also previous Idol contestants. I definitely look forward to more from her.

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