Who doesn’t like a BJ?

Hello readers, and happy holidays to you all.
Nicholas Vohnson here in Las Vegas, Nevada



This week I got the privilege to interview the talented and gorgeous Brandi Jean. She’s a 23 year old blonde bombshell and a musician. I got a sneak peak of her music video that will be all over MTV Vh1 and your browsers history. As Rye Rye say’s “even super woman couldn’t put her hands on this”.

NV: Brandi when did you know you wanted to be a musician? Do you know why or what Inspired you to do so?

BJ: At what age exactly I don’t know but I was little. I remember jumping on my bed singing and dancing to the imaginary crowd thanking them for coming out. As I got older at school I was like the the captain of these performances we did everyday at recess. That even continued into junior high. What inspired me I’m not sure because I think the flame was burning long before I was born.

NV: Where did you grow up?

BJ: I grew up in Oakland California it gave me an edge that many artist’s my age simply do not possess.


NV: A lot of girls, but people in general wish to become a star. Few ever pursued the wish beyond choir or talent shows. What is it about you that allowed you to come this far?381794_2514041685767_1094919694_32863653_1384201580_n

BJ: I think being from California it’s easier to just be yourself. Mainly because it’s so diverse there. It’s also easy to ask your self what do I want what do I love? That’s what I did I ran with my dream. Even though it was not the best financial move, it’s already paying off.

NV: Tell us about your track? Who’s involved with its creation, when will it be released?

BJ: Debuting my 1st single, “F*@k Music” with Traxamillion, who’s best known for his work with Too Short “Blow the Whistle” creator of  Up All Night Records. “F*@k Music” has been blowing up college stations around the Bay area to Los Angeles.

F*@k Music” shot by Ivan & Taj Stansberry of TPK Video Productions it’s no wonder why this video has been such a success.
F*@k Music has already been released, will be available on iTunes next week.

A very catchy tune that’s often stuck in my head everyone I show the video loves it.

I can’t believe how refreshing it was meeting Brandi. Another artist from the same bay I grew up in. she is not like most girls. She is very down to earth, she’s fun with a great sense of humor, energetic, and so dedicated. I look forward to seeing her go far with her career. I’ve known her for two months we started the interview that night and finished it yesterday. That’s a perfect example of her dedication towards music.

Currently Brandi Jean is working on completing her demo and looking for a record company that is ready for her and all she has to offer.316726_2571765288821_1094919694_32890102_717390844_n1


Thanks readers and have a safe happy holidays stay hydrated and off the roads without designated driver.

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