Why Society Needs More Sinatra

This article post is designed to help you pay back to the music fathers that have fallen before us. By reading this, you are one step closer to saving society from it’s eminent demise. I am honestly disappointed in where music is taking life. The content on the radio is extremely vulgar and saddening. We are living in a time where technology is increasing and becoming more advanced; Why can’t music follow technology? Music is becoming less and less about the music and more about the publicity. Music is turning into a “Drill” for “Oil” and the “Oil” they are trying to strike is news coverage and views. In Sinatra’s time, this wasn’t the case. Music was all about expression. There is no emotion in music anymore. I mean, take 3005 by Childish Gambino for example. Does he have an artificial voice box that makes him sound monotone or is that just his annoying voice? If “Frankie” Sinatra was still alive today, he would scoff at this. Frank Sinatra’s music had chords that musicians like Childish Gambino would never understand. Sinatra’s songs have a lot of planning to them from the guitar parts to the intense horn licks. This terrible music we have today is what caused me to post this; not because of the assignment. Changing society should never be an assignment. It should be our jobs as human beings. That is why I created the list below:

1. Musicality= Hey guys! Who can name me the notes in the chord structure Bb^7#9? Exactly. Not many of you. This is because all the songs you listen to are in major keys with absolutely no thought put into them except to be catchy. Frank Sinatra’s songs are complicated yet easy to listen to at the same time.

2. Depicting Women= Sinatra was way ahead of his time. He lived in a time where women weren’t considered equal to men in society yet his music says exactly the opposite. He says how beautiful women are and overall how amazing they are. Most of songs (Night and Day, The Way You Look Tonight, The Lady is A Tramp, They Can’t Take That Away From Me, S’Posin, Ect.) are about impressing women and showing them how great they really are. Women swooned at the sight of him because he understood them. The closest thing to music like that in this society is that terrible song, “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainer. For the record, you shouldn’t tell an obese nation that being “big” is the only beautiful thing. Listen to her new single “Lips are Movin’” (Which is about how ALL men are liars and jerks) and tell me that she is a loving individual. A lot of popular music is about hate.

3. Thoughtful lyrics= Frank Sinatra’s songs are like mini poems. Each song uses analogies.. His song, “Fly Me To The Moon” is about how a girl’s love makes him feel euphoric. Tell me that these Nikki Minaj lyrics from “Super Bass” has tons of thought put into them: “I mean you’re so shy and I’m loving your tie/ You’re slicker than the guy with the thing on his eye.” Like, what? What does that even mean? Thing on his eye? An eye patch? A monocle? I can’t even understand her lyrics at all; and people think this junk is music?

I hope I didn’t sound too critical but the bottom line is this: music is declining exponentially and we need to fix this before the next generation of kids are affected!

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