Zap Dragon and the Attack:Es Rock Muy Bueno!

Zap Dragon and the Attack

Pain Waves

Independent Release, 2013

This Orlando band plays indie rock, with some folk pop touches. They refuse to take themselves too seriously, and that self-awareness helps to make Zap Dragon and the Attack instantly likable.

On slower numbers, there’s an endearing Neal Young-like creakiness to Singer David Zimlinghau’s voice. But on faster songs, there’s a strength and purpose he manages to tap into. Spanish Grammar is a bit of rollicking fun that’s just dumb enough. Life Out West stands out. There’s a great hook, and the realtors sales pitch.

“It’s life out west, in the 21st century/ And you know what happens next, it’s just repeating history.” Zimlinghaus makes it all seem irresistible.

The unexpected honesty of Trifles in Disguise may catch some off guard. There’s no bravado or swagger to the male sexuality on display. “I’ll keep kissing this girl that I don’t really like, ’cause I don’t want to end up alone/ I guess we’ll keep having such meaningless sex though I know our love won’t grow.” It almost feels like a friend has confided a little too much in you, and that you are not trustworthy enough.

Burning Crosses, a sad, warm duet, documents a bitter relationship coming to a close. “I used to just smile, act like nothing was wrong/I think you believed me, so I wrote you this song/ Oh I think I should leave now, yes I know I can’t stay/But I know I will miss you when I’m well on my way” It’s the sort of sadness that stays with you long after everyone has moved on.

Little Reminders brings us back to one. Hipsters, fancy cigarettes and Bukowski literature.

Zap Dragon and the Attack are smart enough to be entertaining and engaging, dumb enough to rock it, and sly enough to make you think liking them was your idea.

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