Wake up to The Dream Logic

The Dream Logic

I’ll tell you what this sounds like. This is like the amazing soundtrack to an otherwise forgettable 1970′s film about what an oppressive place the earth was going to be 233 year in the future. The lead actor in this endeavor would be some kind of celebrity who was famousas an athlete or musician with a minor hit, and whoever told him he could act, was lying.

And none of that was going to matter when you got the soundtrack home and the stylus reveals some astoundingly deep grooves.

“Quietly Freaky” commands your attention with a subtle funk and then builds on itself. The horns swirl, fall away and reconstitutes before your eyes.

“The Decision” is a stylish strutting funky number which’ll make you wanna get up and prove you got game.

“Mustafa Sunrise” is an Afro-cuban fusion jam from deep in the heart of NYC made to get you on your feet and moving. Dirty horns call and respond with a crisp clean jazz guitar over sweetly seductive samba-ish rhythms. This is the sort of music that gives you the courage to get up and pull the brown skinned girl you can’t stop staring at, onto the dance floor. And she won’t say no. Can’t. Not with this jam working it’s spell.

“I’ll Be Right Back,” is a defiant proclamation in the vein of Sly and the Family Stone. The way the bass and drums play against each other on the verses is just dead sexy.

The music here is densely constructed and deeply layered. But always with an captivating groove at the center of it. Jazzy, funky, freely sliding from one one form to another unconsciously, the alchemy present among the players here is undeniable.

And what of the movie? It still come on really late at night on basic cable, and you can’t help but notice, “Damn but the soundtracks still hot!”


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