The Furious Seasons- My Love is Strong

FuriousSeasonsMyLoveIsStrong2-300x200The Furious Seasons are a very interesting band. The genre that they specialize in is called Folk Pop and means exactly what it is called: a mix between folk and pop. This band uses amazing layered harmony vocals and all of their songs sound professional and get stuck in your head. Back in April the band released their newest album entitled, “My Love is Strong” and it is one of their best yet. All of their songs feature beautiful harmonies and chord changes. My absolute favorite song from this album is the first track, “Southern Night”. This song starts off with beautiful 3/4 part harmonies and just builds from there. Those harmonies pop up several times throughout the chorus and bridges. Some of their songs reminds me of a Paul Simon song or even an old Bob Dylan track. The lyrics to these songs are very meaningful and most times tell a story. This inspirational LA group’s frontman, David Steinhart has gotten many compliments over the years. Once described as “a perennial cottage industry goldmine for those who carry torches for soft, finely crafted, windswept pop.” by The Big Takeover, The Furious Seasons have managed to refine a distinct sound all their own. This sound is fun and creative with all different influences mixed in.

This sound that The Furious Seasons have could arise the question, How do you find a sound? That is a very deep question that many aspiring musicians want to explore. Finding a sound is probably one of the hardest things to do. The only way to really find out yourself is to take what artists you listen to and simply write a song. Once you write your first song, you can get an idea of what sound you can accomplish.  After listening to these guys jam out, I realized that these guys have a beautiful natural sound that is truly theirs. Nobody else that I have ever heard has had the same natural quality that they have. This sound is unique and I encourage you to listen to them. Once you are done listening, try and go out there and find what your sound is! Enjoy!

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