Tomas Doncker Band Artist Preview

Tomas-2-300x199The Tomas Doncker Band has so much great work that instead of reviewing a song or an album, I decided to a full artist review. The Tomas Doncker Band has that beautiful bluesy-rock sound that we have all come to know and love. On their newest album, “Big Apple Blues“, the band features a great harmonica player and the songs extenuate the wailing guitar. This reminds me of a technique used by Stevie Ray Vaughan. I personally really enjoyed the whole album and the title song, “Big Apple Blues“. Big Apple Blues starts out with a vamp similar to a Freddie Hubbard jazz song or even an old gospel song. They held out long, juicy chords and all the instruments fed off of each other and complimented each other through some soloing. This is what fueled the power for the whole song. Once the vamp ended, the song started with a powerful, underlying pulse. This song was my favorite on the whole album and is no doubt the reason why they named the album that song name. Included below is a recording of the band playing at the highly claimed venue, Iridium!

Recently, the Tomas Doncker Band professionally video taped the two songs “Backdoor Man” and “New Day”. Both of these songs were recorded live and were totally killing! The songs had so much going on and so much power that it was almost inspiring. I listened to these tracks over and over again and found that there is no real way to describe them. What I can say about it is Tomas’ voice is very powerful and strong and the harmonica kept the interest into the songs. I will link them down below so that you can see the power and inspiration yourself!

The Tomas Doncker Band is one of those bands that you stumble apon and find that they are your next favorite band. All of their songs tell wonderful stories and support those stories with the excellent musicality and power. The implementation of slide guitar and harmonica keep interest and backup the powerful vocals. I request that all of you reading this listen to these 2 tracks and the album “Big Apple Blues“.

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