A Music Review: The LockHearts

TheLockhearts-580x504Lock on to the up and coming band The Lockhearts and come and listen to their “Freakshow” (yes, all puns intended.)

Freak the freak out on single “Freakshow” and show your love for rock  music……cause The Lockhearts  are bringing rock music back to the masses with a melodic feel much like the groups from which they draw their influence….Queen, The Clash, The Killers and the Rolling Stones.

The Lockhearts are comprised of :

Tim Meaco (Lead vocals/guitar)
Jameel Majam (BV’s & bass guitar)
Brenton James (drums)
Age Vella (BV’s & lead guitar)

The band came together in Sydney in 2012… the sound they formed begs to modern rock more than heavy metal or traditional rock, a reemerging sound for a new generation.

The concept  debut video “Freakshow” has shown avid popularity, with MTV’s audience it reached #2 on MTV’s Hits and has been added to the rotation, on MTV Latin America’s MTV Hits. The single was released on itunes Friday April 4th for sale.

Don’t take my word for it, listen for yourself!

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