J-POP Summit Festival 2014

Japanese pop music has arrived and has it’s own festival and a legion of American fans.

A large street fair in San Francisco, California every summer since 2009 has been the place to find and celebrate J-POP music, Japanese niche subcultures, trends and innovations.

The festival introduces the latest in Japanese music, film, anime, food, games and fashion. The fans get the goods on whats new or emerging from Japan…sometimes with a specific American flair.

I don’t know too much about J-POP…I’m a newbie, dipping in a toe, but I kind of backed into it with the group Capsule and love the song “Step on the Floor” which I heard on J-POP radio station that I found randomly one day.

I have to say it’s cool to discover something that’s new to me and find out the genre has a healthy and growing fan-base and culture. I am all for developing a global palette….besides Japanese anime has a large following her in the United States from way back. So it’s not a big surprise that the music is emerging on it’s own legs.

The J-POP SUMMIT FESTIVAL happens this year in San Francisco CA 7.19.2014

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