A Nightmare Worth Revisisting

Alice Cooper

Welcome 2 My Nightmare

Universal Music Enterprises, 2011

A mere 36 years after the original release of  his legendary “Welcome To My Nightmare,” Alice Cooper has had sufficient time to think about what he wants to say in a sequel. And AC is in fine form, pulling out all the stops as his attempts to stay awake fail, he succumbs to an uneasy sleep, and narrates a tormented journey through troubled dreams.

His macabre and overblown vaudevillian sense of wit and showmanship is on display throughout. With rockers, ballads, Broadway-styled numbers, disco send ups and electronic pop, Alice  approaches each song fearlessly despite whatever his lyrics might say. “Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever,” “Bite Your Face Off,” “When Hell Comes Home” and in particular “Last Man on Earth” are all fine examples of his wickedly snide sense of humor.

He reunites with producer Bob Ezrin and surviving members of the original AC band, Vince Gill, Rob Zombie, as well as his unexpected duet with Ke$ha. This ghoul still has legs and apparently a great deal left to say. Long time fans should appreciate how smart this sequel is. Paying tribute to its predecessor, this is a worthwhile follow up to a legendary recording. Hopefully Alice won’t sleep well for a long time to come.

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