Ajay Mathur’s New Album 9 To 3

Ajay_profile_3-580x331A beautiful alchemy in music, is the theme threading through India -born, Swiss resident and singer/songwriter Ajay Mathur’s new album ‘9 to 3′. Ajay Mathur mixes stylish Americana, pop, rock, and psychedelic rock in for his eclectic new music, Mathur is cooking up an interesting treat for the listener.

On ‘9 to 3′ you’ve got a little Bossa Nova , a little cry in your beer country music and just  a real strange mixed  bag of songs from a man with a lot on his mind and emotions to release. What is Mathur after ? What is the message in the music? It’s possible it’s all up to the listener to interpret the messages in the music of this musician and his genius.

Ajay Mathur is a lyrical storyteller, inspired and presenting a new view with powerful and emotional songs like‘Nothing Really Matters” and the Indian/folk influenced “Oh Angel” with lilting strings of the sitar. The first song on this fifteen track album stands out for me, “Sitting By Your Cradle” with a guitar rock sound reminiscent of John ‘Cougar’ Mellancamp’s “Little Pink Houses”.

Defiantly an artist with much to offer a World cluttered with music sampling and unoriginal, uninspired  ideas.

Release date: May 1st, 2015

Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/9to3/sets/9to3

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AjayMathurMusic

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