All In with Royal Flush

“When you’re born, all you have is a rhythm…we tuned into it,” stated Rick Wallkk, describing his natural love and passion for music. Royal Flush ENT, comprised of Rick Wallkk and Jeron Ward, has been able to make every day a testimony to their natural pulse.

Both began experimenting with music at a young age in the church. Jeron began learning piano from his father as a young kid growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, while Rick living in Savannah, Georgia, got a gift from his dad as an 8 year old kid which included a snare drum, hi-hat, and cymbal. From these early beginnings came the foundation that Royal Flush was built upon.

The presence of musicians with so much gratitude toward their work is compelling in a time that Rick expresses as “…no loyalty in the music industry.” While sitting with the two young men, one cannot help themselves from thinking the best is yet to come. The relationship between the two men is more of a family structure rather than that of business partners. The duo has been through a lot since the upheaval or Royal Flush.

The duo began working together on an assignment from Big Boi’s Purple Ribbon Records to do casting for Outkast’s Idlewild “Blue” video. As the tandem got back from L.A. at around 6 A.M. they both headed to Stankonia Studio where Rick started hitting up a drum machine and Jeron began ripping away at the keys. The next three days were spent in Stankonia only leaving to eat. Rick would secretly sneak in and record Jeron on the key’s and the ideas never stopped flowing.

New Years’ has been a big day for Royal Flush as the self-titled track “Royal Flush,” with Big Boi featuring Raekwon and Andre 3000 as well as “Be Still,” which hosts Big Boi and Janelle Monae were recorded on the same day several years apart. The self-titled “Royal Flush,” was nominated for a Grammy in Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group category–but sadly did not take home the gramophone statuette. After this period of disappointment, the team began second guessing themselves and felt as though “…we graduated first in our class in high school…now we have to get a PhD.”  The feeling of being stagnant was overcome by their desire to do more and be better. Royal Flush is not alright with settling with beats, they are in the business of making records. With the never-ending ambition after losing the Grammy came the night when “Be Still” was recorded. As soon as Big Boi heard the track, he made the decision that it would close out the album.

Currently, Royal Flush is working with the i-Standard producers and will be appearing on a panel for a beat-battle at the Atlanta A3C Hip-Hop Festival. Royal Flush is also hosting Inside the Music on October 28 at Stankonia Records, which is a platform where underground artists can go and make a performance and create that path to a career in the industry. “Voyage to Atlanta,” Royal Flush’s newest track is an ensemble featuring Pill, Pastor Troy, and Aleon Craft. Royal Flush is at a place in their career where many dream to be and few become, “We are in the process of creating our own history… we are not trying to do anything, we are doing it.”

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