Jackie Chindulu, A Singer in the Fast Lane

Jackie Chindulu came to the music scene in 2004 after her group, Blue3, was selected as one of the top three winners of a pop star music competition in Uganda.  The group’s members have since gone solo, and Jackie Chindulu career is in the fast lane.

A daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Felix Eyaa, Jackie is the 6th  born out of seven children and grew up in Kololo Kampala.  Jackie is completely reserved but chatty with people.

What’s it like to be a celebrity?

Before being part of the music scene I would do whatever I want, but not anymore; there is thing of public restriction–or call it pressure.

Is it possible to pursue your passion without public’s influence?

That’s tight! Though at one point, whatever life style a celebrity has…the public gets into to you. You can’t run away from it, it will always find you.


What’s your favorite moment with in the music industry?

When I went through the pop star music competitions in 2004.

Would you call yourself lucky?

Lucky? Yes, the pop star competition and having the best manager at the time-Steve Jean; that I call luck!

What are some of your challenges in the music industry?DSC_2742-199x300

It’s a man’s world! Most of the time you have to pull it to push your music. Most of all its the management that’s aggressive and the tight competition.


Brandy. She does the most amazing things with her voice.

Are you going to keep doing solo or joining back to Blue3?

If the solo project becomes successful, it will help the group to blossom….we still share ideas and that will determine the fate.

Any message to the reader/fans?

It’s two words that say it all, “Thank You” for the support you have given to Blue3, and calling into stations to have our music played. Thank You.

When is Gothic to launched?

The Gothic CD launch will be on December 18th 2010.  Gothic is my first solo album with songs likeAgasi…..it’s the most exciting project I’ve worked on.  It’s a perfect reflection of me and things that are close to me; to know me…you going to have to check out the album.

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