An SE Interview with the Boys of Black Rock Revival

Recently I had the chance to ask Sebastian, Hype, and Percy Blue, rising Memphis titans Black Rock Revival, a few questions about their band, sound, influences, and future plans (among the lot) as one of the most prominent rising music acts in their region. And since the words only hold meaning coming from the musicians themselves, let’s just keep the priming and posturing to a minimum, and jump to the good stuff.


untitled2SE: So I guess my first question would have to be who are BRR’s key influences? Are there any bands in particular that you draw inspiration from? And if so why?

BRR: First it would be Ike Turner. Then Red Hot Chili Peppers because of their modern funk.

SE: Bands are often musically influenced by their environments. Did Memphis have this same effect on you guys and your sound? And if so, how?

BRR: The sound of Memphis Blues which is a lot of hard luck dark grooves. Its gives our brand of rock something to grow on.

SE: I noticed on your Myspace profile that a part of BRR’s creation had to do with you guys going to shows and noticing there were no black rocks bands. Since you guy’s formation have you noticed a change in this trend?

BRR: We noticed that on an individual basis. It just took a while for us to find each other when we all on the same page.

SE: What do you often find yourself wanting to talk about in your songs? Is there any message BRR has for the world of music?

BRR: No special message just special people doing it. We want to party like everyone else, but not from the outside looking in.

SE: I’ve seen some of you guy’s videos on Youtube. How useful a tool has the internet been for you guys thus far?

BRR: Just ok at best it is the road that will define who we are to the audience.

SE: What is the most difficult part of being a band?

BRR: Staying together period the financial strain alone kills most bands, we are willing to put our own money to help each other.

SE: What is your favorite song to play live?

BRR: Where the crowd is outside/ inside dosen’t matter.

SE: So what’s next for BRR? I think Sebastian mentioned to me the other day that you guys have got an EP in the works. When do you think we’ll be able to check that out?

BRR: We will push for middle of July 2011. It’s called “Mission Control”

SE: What can we expect to hear on your next official release?

BRR: Growth what BRR sounds like with a lot practice and focus. We have discoverd and bottled what makes us tick.

SE: Any big shows lined up for the near future?

BRR: In Memphis at the Hi-Tone on July 14 2011 with The Incredible Hook and The Chinese Connection Dub Embassy. We would like to play Afro Punk Festival in 2012 and every where else for that matter.

SE: Ideally where will we see BRR in the next few years?

BRR: Cover of Rolling Stone. Touring strong maybe on the 5th or 6th album.

SE: Any interesting stories that have taken place during a live show?

BRR: Yes. We can’t name the band for legal reasons but the band was jealous that we stole their fanns. They wanted to fight and stole the door money after a show out of town.

SE: And lastly, what words of advice can BRR give aspiring bands?

BRR: All bands have a plan. To the Black bands have more than a plan have guts and faith.

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