Fixed on Fixers

If you like the sounds of psychedelia, electronic manipulation, vocal harmonies, and pop, you’re sure to be fixed on Fixers soon enough. Composed of Jack Goldstein, Jason Warner, Christopher Dawson, Roo Bhasin, and Michael Thompson, Fixers is making waves in the UK with their psychedelic pop style. Jack Goldstein’s vocals carry the melody of the songs over the steady beats of the synthesized drums, guitar, and bass. Noted for their harmonies and Goldstein’s soprano, it’s easy to catch pieces of songs that sound similar to the Beach Boys, one of the band’s primary influences. The band also notes Lizzy Mercier Descloux/Kate Bush, Arthur Russel/Tom Tom Club, and Steve Reich/Cocteau Twins, as other major influences on their music. Many sites have compared them to bands such as Animal Collective, MGMT, and Wondermints.

The members of Fixers met in their hometown of Oxford, first forming the band for an “one-off show” a little over a year ago. Jack Goldstein, the band’s vocalist and keyboardist and Michael Thompson, Fixers’ drummer, previously performed with GunnBunny, a grunge rock group. The guitarist Rhoo Bhasin played in the metal band Sextodecimo, and bassist Jason Warner and guitarist Christopher Dawson have also had pasts in much heavier bands before creating Fixers. They say musicians grow through and with their music, but what a jump from hardcore rock and metal to the pop sound they have today!

Like many pop-dance groups, Fixers have multiple remixes for some of their songs, such as Amsterdam and have even made some remixes of popular songs, such as California Girls by Katy Perry. One of their more popular songs at the moment is Crystals, which is a track from their latest EP titled Here Comes 2001, So Lets Head For the Sun. Like their other songs, this one in no way lacks in catchiness. Don’t be surprised if you have it stuck in your head for days after listening to it. Crystals again highlights the vocals as melody over the layered bells, synthesizer, and guitar. While their music may not sound as complex as metal genre guitar solos and rocks drum jam sessions, the layering of music and vocals show that Fixers can create fantastic music from simple elements; a feat not many of today’s musicians can brag about.

Fixers are currently on tour in the UK. In July they will be playing at the LOFT Festival in Canterbury on the 10th, the Latitude Festival in Suffolk on the 17th, and the Truck Festival in Oxford on the 23rd. If you’re in the area, they’re a band you don’t want to miss.

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