DJ Spen Featured at Tambor, ATL

Last Saturday night, 595 North filled up, as it does every month, with some of the most devoted House lovers in Atlanta. This month the featured guest artist was DJ Spen, from Baltimore; the party went on past 3AM.

Spen was practically born with his hands on the turntable: he began his career at the age of 13, producing mix shows for WEBB AM in Baltimore. Spen founded one of the area’s first hip hop production groups, the Numarx. In 1986 Numarx wrote and recorded a track called “Girl You Know It’s True.” Yes, that “Girl You Know It’s True”– the one later made famous by Milli Vanilli.

Spen’s career blossomed quickly, and he worked at a variety of FM stations in the Baltimore and Washington areas; in 1992 he came up with his own mixshow called Flashback Saturday Night Dance Party. He collaborated with some of the greatest artists in the field in the ensuing years (including producing mixes for Diana Ross and Everything But the Girl). Eventually, he stepped out on his own and formed the Code Red label with Gary Deane. Since then, he’s been gigging around the world, playing in Japan, Italy, the UK and Australia.

Spen kept everyone moving with his innovative sound and impressive stage presence. The dance floor was continually filled with devotees of every color and age, and by the time I left my feet were killing me. Despite some sound system issues, Spen came through in fine style.

See for more about this artist, and for info on the monthly dance party that attracts DJs from all over the world, and draws the most eclectic crowd I’ve yet seen at one gathering in ATL.

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