Arc and Stones Music Review

Not in the garage,but in college  is where indie/blues Arc & Stones band was born….2010, the idea of a band began to germinate in the collective mind of Dan Pellarin and Ben Cramer. Fast forward circa 2012 , New York and the idea/seed is now a full blown band know as Arc & Stones. Both buds Perllarin and Cramer began writing and recording the songs that, that would eventually form their five song debut EP  “Arc & Stones EP”, new band members were added in the form of college friend Eddy Bayes and then Joe Doino  joined up and the bad was complete.

Band Members:

Dan Pellarin- Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar

Eddy Bayes- Bass Guitar

Ben Cramer- Lead Guitar

Joe Doino- Drums

Grungy 90’s alternative rock, bluesy sound is a good assessment of A&S’s musicality. “Say Goodbye” is a vocally powerful, silky bluesy piano song (I am partial to this one)….a bit different from the hard driving guitar riff loaded “Silence”, which has become their signature piece. The guys have been performing in and around  New York City and went out on a National tour in 2012.

Talent, sexy sound and the guys are not hard to look at either.

Major player status on the music scene coming right up, the band is currently touring here in the US. Check their Facebook for tour locations and dates.

The World is waiting for this group……The Grammy’s and the American Music Awards are somewhere in their future.

Listen to Arc & Stones here….








Arc and Stones Music Review

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