Wiseguys N Scallywags

Independent Release, 2013

“It’s a never ending monkey wielding knife fight to the death as to which one wins. Some days the wiseguy wins, and some days the scallywag wins.” so sayeth bassist Greg Kirkpatrick as he describes the tormented struggle that is Wiseguys N Scallywags.

wiseguys-N-300x126Punk and post punk in their approach, the band has more than one trick up its sleeve. Half expecting “How I Roll” to be some lame white boy faux rap, the band unleashes the sort of song that would proudly grace NOFX’s catalog. And is the first of several songs to have more than one hook.

“The Terror” is a solid blindside of noise. The wonderful line “Fuck me in the Mosh Pit” needs to be spray painted on water towers near and far until it becomes a thing. I mean people are twerking, so why not this?

“Undead” gives the great shout along line, “I’m better off Undead,” which was made for your next zombie walk.

“Bubblegum Jazz” is a bit of dark humor dialed to 11. “Fourteen” has a nice twin guitar leadon it.”There’s nothing left to say/So get out of my way.” Robert Gruel writes memorable lyrics, that’ll linger in your head after it’s all shut off.

“What It’s Like To Die” feels like a long lost Sublime song and just as welcome. It’s a gem and should be all over college radio right now if not sooner.

“Boregasm” has the great refrain “Sometime it kills me when I’m dead/I’m Brain dead.” Catchy beyond belief, this is another song that’s perfect for radio.

The take away with this Wisconsin band, is one more reason to love the Midwests musical legacy. There’s something refreshingly workman like in the approach to the music. It’s undeniably solid. There’s 13 tracks here, and a full 6 and a half of them, o-k, 7 of the songs are really memorable. It’s hard to ask for much more than that. There’s aggression and melody and spite and their occasionally funny, so what else were you wanting from them?



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