Bruno Mars Nostalgic Halftime Show

bruno_mars_halftime_2014Entertaining, touching, and captivating are the words that describe Bruno Mars’ performance at the Super Bowl on Sunday. I must say I was a bit apprehensive in watching it because, after all, how can you top Beyoncé’s halftime performance last year? But Bruno Mars shut me up and the mouths of many critics when he delivered, in my opinion, one of the Super Bowls most memorable performances.

The recording artist started out with a dynamite drum solo. He showed America that he is not only a pop crooner but also a very talented percussionist.  This drum solo then easily segwayed into the hit, “Locked Out of Heaven”, which he sang with an all male, skinny ties and gold shiny blazers, groovy band. It felt like a modern Motown doo-wop group and I was automatically enthralled. He followed that with a bit of “Treasure” before breaking out into a James Brown/Michael Jackson dance for “Runaway Baby”. Oh, and then he does an effortless split which does not rip his pants. He duets with the Red Hot Chili Peppers in their 1991 hit, “Give It Away”. Which was my least favorite of the segment but entertaining nonetheless. Then he ends with a touching and powerful deliverance, of course, “Just The Way You Are”, where American soldiers dedicate the song to their loved ones.

Bruno Mars proved that he can  a) play the drums b) dance like James Brown c) sing without auto-tune d) give a performance that’s not only modern and fun but also nostalgic of past entertainment. Take that Beyoncé and Madonna!

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