The Purple One Visits the ‘New Girl’ Set

prince_new_girl_2Part of the reason why I watched the Super Bowl was to see the halftime performance and to watch “New Girl” after the big game because well, Prince was guest starring in it. He is reportedly a big fan of the show and what better time to guest star in it than after the Super Bowl?  Although the show was just a 30 minute advertisement for the Ford Fusion car, I got to see one of my musical idols be his weird and self-conscious self on TV. If you see any interview with The Purple One, then you would know what I’m talking about. Although he brews over with immense crazy talent (has written hundreds of songs and knows how to play thirty instruments), it’s evident that Prince gets uncomfortable in front of a camera. But this self-consciousness worked really well in the show and added memorable pieces of humor and awe. Here’s a list of those moments:

  • When Prince introduces himself to Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and Nick (Jake Johnson) with, “Hi, I’m Prince” and then gives them the permission to ‘freak out’. Which they do. Like who wouldn’t.
  • He awkwardly sits between Jess and Nick  to help them sort out the problem in their relationship. He then turns to Nick and says, “I need some time alone with Jess”. The deliverance of that line was so careful and Prince-like, it felt so real. At that point I had this insane notion that I would someday meet Prince the same way the characters did.
  • When he gives Jess a make-over by force-feeding her pancakes and putting her in a cape-like dress. This to me was a symbol of Jess’s internal and external makeover. She is finally ready at this point to admit that she loves Nick.
  • When Jess accidentally tells Prince he’s stupid and he just stares at her for a few seconds then answers with a heart melting smile and an ‘I forgive you’.
  • His spiritual connection to a butterfly that follows him everywhere. The butterfly, again, a symbol of Jess’ change. I believe Prince had a lot to do with the symbols in the script, he’s known for his gravitation towards them. Like that one time he was known as a symbol instead of his name.
  • When he debuted his new song “PretzelBodyLogic” which proves that he is a true artist and is unfazed by the changes in the music industry because he’s constantly evolving himself.
  • When he half kidnaps CeCe to play a game of ping-pong and promises to go easy on her. Then she proves him wrong by not going easy on him, he misses the ball, and a pissed off Prince walks away.

Prince is truly one of the greatest artist out there. He’s come a long way from the straight haired, sex crazed “Darling Nikki” singer to the afro, “PretzelBodyLogic” wise artist that he is today. Am I the only one who has this opinion?

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