Caffiends Boris Dogovitch the Pick Me-Up You Need


Boris Dogovitch

Swamp Cabbage Records, 2012

Florida’s Caffiends sounds like the best band in a small town, third rate venue doing punk shows on a Saturday night. They’re too lazy to book a classic rock act. You’re going to have to sit through, I mean, suffer through, at least 2 half-assed bands that don’t know the first thing about performing. And when Caffiends comes on, it’ll be a breath of fresh air — welcome and unexpected.

They’re giving away a download of this release, with the extra punk double parenthesized: “(Life’s a) Salad (And You’re Gonna Toss It)” You’d be stupid not to download it.

“Coffee Mug” ought to be available as a Starbucks download, because, besides the obvious reasons, it’d give the under caffeinated an immediate goose of adrenaline with an extra shot of attitude.

You have to appreciate someone who so candidly and proudly declares, “I’d make the same mistakes each time” on “It’s a Time Machine, Asshole!”

This is a band that’s used to working hard and being completely under-appreciated. Every time someone discovers this minor bit of brilliance, the band members get to gloat about how they ought to be rich. And they really ought to. Gloat and be rich.

Download it here or you’ll only have your shitty day to blame on just you.

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