Jet Tangerine: High Flying Indie Pop

Jet Tangerine

Real Life EP

Independent Release, 2013

This three song EP is the sort of near perfect indie pop you imagine is carefully and lovingly cultivated in organic indie music greenhouses on top of city apartment buildings or tucked away on the back of someone rambling, property, somewhere deep in the woods. Handcrafted, artisinal, olde world traditions, lovingly raised, and heirloom, are the sort of catch phrases clever pre-fab types would apply to Jet Tangerine and her acoustic pop of sweetly hopeful songs. Miss Jet sings about skinny dipping, coming home, and starting over with the past looking over her shoulder, and there’s a fun Letters To Cleo vibe to the songs. It’s easy to get the impression that JT is as affable as her music makes her out to be. There’s a hopeful quality to her lyrics that make you feel certain things are going to work out in the end. I hope this isn’t just some passing phase she’s going through on her way to post modern feminism or knitting. Because while this particular species of pop breaks no new ground, it is well made and really enjoyable, and I get the sneaking suspicion Miss Jet Tangerine may just have at least one brilliant moment of genius waiting to burst forth and catch us all off guard.

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