Dawn Richard Talks About Her New Album Goldenheart and Working with Diddy

What one word describes Dawn Richard’s debut full-length album Goldenheart? According to the former Dirty Money songstress, it’s “ethereal” and we just might agree!

“It’s an experience!”, explained Richard. “I don’t even want to give it a word. I want you to put it in and listen and I would love for you come up with your own idea. For every person that plays it, it’s going to be different.”

After making some serious noise in Diddy-powered groups Danity Kane and Dirty Money, and making history for debuting at the #1 spot on iTunes with her EP, Armor On, Richard is officially giving herself, her story and her message of empowerment to her fans. The R&B diva chatted with one of our favorite radio personalities,Georgia Ellyse, about what to expect, her favorite memory of working with the mogul known as Diddy and who she’d like to work with next.

On Goldenheart
It’s like the most raw I’ve ever been and the most honest. I feel like it’s saying things that people have wanted to say for a long time and maybe felt like they couldn’t say. It’s kinda in your face, but done in a way that the lyrical content is just way more in depth, you know. I really wanted to do an album that’s not just music, but like a journey an experience. With Goldenheart, you guys will really be pushed into a world where it feels like your really fighting a battle. You’re not just listening to just music, your actually put into a story.

On “86” and the new video (featuring a righteously choreographed ballet fight)
It’s like you said, when you see my videos it’s like a whole other rating. They grab you and take you into another world and “86” is no different. Really, it’s the beginning of the story. It kinda takes you back to this kinda most natural state of me and then me looking back on all the things that helped me get to this point so that I can move forward in my next journey. You’ll see me fighting these two knights which kinda represent all the negative crap that everyone’s ever said. I’m using my past like Danity Kane and Katrina and what I’ve experienced in my past in New Orleans to guide me and move forward to the next path in my life.

Her favorite memory of Diddy Dirty Money
The live shows and being able to see how dope it was to do something so different and so innovative and people be so caught up in how dope the presentation was!

Who she’d like to work with
I’d love to do some stuff with Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine. i really love her vocals and her concepts. i’m a huge fan of Bat For Lashes and Robyn and Cia.

Lowest point in her career?
I don’t have any lows, they are all highs!  That’s what makes us different? We don’t vie them as lows, we view them as a hurdles and I’ve had like brief hurdles and figured out how to jump over that bad boy and that’s really what we’ve done. I’ve loved every second of my journey in this industry.

Peep the visuals to “86” and check out the full interview below.

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