Charlotte Sometimes – Circus Head EP(Review)

charlotte-300x300Artist: Charlotte Sometimes
Project: Circus Head EP

Who is Charlotte Sometimes you’re asking? I wondered the same myself upon the request to write a review on her upcoming EP “Circus Head”. Apparently, this young songstress has been out for some while looking for her ‘big break’. With a couple of, not so successful record deals under her belt and an appearance on ‘The Voice: Season 2’, she continues to do just that. The first thing I did upon getting this assignment was go to Youtube and ‘How I Could Just Kill a Man’ populated via her VEVO and, well, underwhelmed was my reaction. I decided to jump into her latest effort Circus Head EP to avoid any other pre conceived notions.The first cut is ‘Brilliant, Broke, and Beautiful’, which is absolutely brilliant to me. The fact that so many will relate, is sure to bring in new fans and should be a concert favorite. After a heavy and positive start to the EP, she follows the opening track with another upbeat, infectious tune called ‘Second Best’. This has someone of an overseas Jamiroquai feel to it. This song has crossover appeal also should be a crowd pleaser to perform come concert time.Circus Head EPis heavily driven by the acoustic guitar as far as the production is concerned. However, this can is a hit or miss and she hit both sides of the net with this project. The last song on this EP is ‘Paint the Sky’, which isn’t a bad tune, but it doesn’t have the same memorability factor that an artist on the verge would need to separate herself. Songs like ‘Paint in the Sky’ and the title track have a very ‘haven’t we heard this before’ factor to it, which causes the 5 track experience to lose steam.It’s clear to me that Charlotte’s strength is more in the experimental field as opposed to the contemporary, and it would be unfair to her to cast light on the downfalls of this project. Circus Head is a solid effort, and the first 3 tracks especially, have a replay value that makes his whole EP worthwhile. We’ll continue to follow her progress and root for Charlotte Sometimes, as you should.
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