What’s Real: Music Industry Secrets

beysing-300x182The ‘Entertainment Industry’ is exactly as the name implies, entertainment. It never ceases to baffle me as to how serious some may really take it; after all it is designed to keep us busy. So when Beyoncé decides to sing or should I say lip-sync the National Anthem some start to get well ‘serious’, but why? She wouldn’t be the first celebrity to lip-synch a song. However, I get that it was at the inauguration ceremony and it is a ‘big’ deal but didn’t Kelly Clarkson also sing to a prerecorded track? Let’s take into consideration that it was cold. Let’s be honest, it was extremely cold! Still not impressed? I can see how this whole thing instantly gets turned into a scandal but is it really so astonishing?

It happens a lot more than you would want to think. Imagine my surprise when the Iconic performance that Whitney Houston gave at the 1991 Super Bowl was really lip-synched. Yes it was the National Anthem as well and it was damn good and I couldn’t believe it! Or what about Luciano Pavarroti, he also lip-synched. It is not at all uncommon and at least they are syncing to their own voices let us not forget how we got duped by Milli Vanilli as we all got down to “Blame it On the Rain”.

Artists have their reasons for doing what they do, whether it’s the temperature, too much dancing, a cold or heck maybe they just don’t want to. We may not always agree to it but we still love them, we still listen to their music and we still find other things to critique. A lot of people say; if you’re a singer you should sing, go figure! Are you not entertained? Why of course you are.



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