Direct Divide EP “Own Your Ocean” Review

photo-original-580x435Classical violin merges with rock music and magic happens……that magic is the music of Direct Divide.

That magic has birth the EP ‘Own Your Ocean’….Direct Divide a band out of Seattle WA is an alternative/symphonic rock band, moving the World with their unique sound. The talented trio that is Direct Divide are Razz on breathtaking lead vocals/and powerful strings, Kevin Proctor on guitar/synthesizer and Valdemar Huguet on drums. Critics and fans alike hear the rock influences of the band…Muse, A Perfect Circle and Florence and the Machine, but don’t get it twisted Divide are their own rock animal.

These hard driving, hard working road warrior have beat the drums and pull the violin strings, on a long national tour throughout 2014 and still found time to campaign on Kickstarter, for funds raising $7,000 to help produce the EP ‘Own Your Ocean’.

Feel your spirit revive with the uplifting lead single ‘1000 Years’ or chill to ‘Tide is Rising’ either way you can find yourself and discover how to “own your ocean” with Direct Divide guiding your way.

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