Jaden Smith’s Scarface

Our favorite semi-vagabond billionaire child, Jaden Smith, is at it again (musically) with his new videoScarface.



Basically the whole video is Smith (and a cloaked MSFTS crew, no doubt) creeping and leaping in the dark alleyways and walls of Italy. How else would a famous millenial shoot a video, right?



I personally like a lot of Smith’s music, not being ashamed to say I blasted his first full-length album, The Cool Cafe, for months; and the vibe of this song is a different direction I honestly should have expected from him. The video is eerie, vague, and has a slight government-conspiracist tinge to it, and combined with the physical aesthetic of darkness and agility contributed by the director Moises Arias (previous Disney child star and current photographer), it definitely foreshadows that Jaden is blossoming into more of his angsty “blue period” music as an artist.


There was also a recent impromptu interview of Smith discussing music and the meaning of the word “misfits.” He delves into this definition using himself as an example, basically saying we have to take parts of others (such as Tyler, the Creator and Kanye West as he mentioned in said interview) to find our true self. He also mentions recent career-destroyer (see: Meek Mill), Drake saying he will “step on his stair” to reach a higher idea to achieve something greater in terms of creativity. Maybe Scarface is a reflection of this ideal? Because this video has aspects of all these artists mentioned throughout.

Give it a watch and take a minute to listen, because this is definitely not the last we’ve seen of Jaden Smith.

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