El Toro! Es Muy Free

El Toro!

Night of El Toro!

Independent Release, 2012

These Liverpudlians like their rock loud, sweaty, messy and drenched in reverb. The few measures of solo harmonica that kick this thing off are raunchy, rude and hint at the seedy side of town where all the truly good times can be
found. Opening number “You Ain’t Gettin’ It,” is hard charged and loaded on beer and cheap speed, irritable, chatty and up to no damn good.

“Night of El Phantom” is another number that feels like it’s about to turn into a knife fight. There’s the white hot surf instrumental; the eponymous, “El Toro!” it shows of an aggressive side to the guitarists as they solo and turn the leads in on themselves repeatedly with double quick picking.

“He’s Waiting” growls and snarls trying to break free its restraints.  There’s a dangerous feel to all of these songs. Like a hulking prole with anger management issues, you don’t want to turn your back on this one lest it suddenly turns on you.

This is a free release, filled with four shit kicking rockers that will be the perfect soundtrack for your next beach party or bar fight.



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