Heidi Howe: Music Review

Dropping in from the clear blue in 1998 at Bob Dylan’s Buckets of Rain benefit, Heidi Howe, a petite Charlize Theron look-a-like, belted out her joy, pain and sorrow for all to enjoy and judge.

Her debut album Nature of My Wrong’s swiftly followed in 1999 to rave reviews and accolades….a splashy arrival on to the ten best albums of 1999 list compiled by The Courier Journal , lit her name up as a notable songwriter. The publicity helped  her pitch her songwriting skills in the country music mecca Nashville. Ms Howe’s music falls far from traditional country or pop country music and more to the fringe… Independent/Alternative Country music.

The sixth solo musical entry of this independent up and coming singer/songwriter “Be Good” squares more to addiction as a theme, addictions of varied sort….intense love and pain mostly.

Of the eleven offerings on Be Good, I am partial to the second track “Ruin Me” the lyrics are moving and relatable…..everyone can know the pain of an intense love.

Ms. Howe’s voice isn’t my particular taste, its a bit to thready and high for me, but her songwriting talent is real and strong.

Be Good will drop 2/1/2014….the Be Good tour will is slated for sometime in 2014.

Click the link and judge for yourself.


Heidi Howe:  Music Review

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