Manican Party’s Tribal Pop

Independent Release, 2013

ManicanParty refer to their particular brand of ruckus as tribal pop, and it’s fairly accurate. But skips right over the fact that much of this music feels lighter than air, and the melodies, trailing harmonies, skitter and ease away from any earthly rhythms which might otherwise contain them.  The first few songs on here, “Monarch,” and “Rebels” take flight easily, flitting past, casting off poetic imagery.

Singer Jessica Corrazo allows her voice to spiral upward and away, there’s almost a tenuous disconnect that feels like transcendence between the synths and the voices. “Farewell” feels epic as it swells and grows.  Backing vocal tracks create a dense yet shuddering track which feels vaporous and occasionally fragile. “You Are My Soul” is another propulsive trance like construct of drums and voices.

This is fairly smart and fresh faced for pop. Nothing feels expected or calculated. Effortless and Ethereal, Manican Party have created the sort of record we’d usually have to wait for Peter Gabriel to finish. We should thank them and see them up close while we still can.

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