Is Beyonce Having Another Baby? Jay-Z Wants You To Think So

jay.bey_-580x348There are rumors all over the web this weekend, that JayZ  told or insinuated to the crowd, in the last leg of the On The Run tour in Paris, France …that Beyonce is pregnant!!! What ? What happened to the divorce and the cheating scandals/rumors that they have been dodging all summer? Now they are throwing in a surprise pregnancy!

Apparently a lyric change in the Beach Is Better song ( cause she pregnant with another one) set tongues wagging, concertgoers texting and tweeting the supposed big news.

Hmmmmm,  Beyonce pulled this stunt already, when she changed some lyrics in another song to reflect cheating on Jay’s part and her long-suffering, a few months ago. I am not sure if this more on the side of truth or a ploy like the divorce rumors to keep their names on everyone’s lips and food for gossip bloggers.

Of course, in a few months all will be known….. if this is truth, ploy or internet rumor games being played upon us all.

Jay and Bey are not above playing with the media and their fans feelings for publicity, which equal more money for the EMPIRE.

Media outlet OK! has hinted at Bey holding on to some secret or another the last few days… maybe………

We will see, what’s, what soon enough.

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