A Music Review: Alice Sungurov’s Single “So Blind”

alice.2-580x386Quirky teenager with a her own unique voice demanding to be heard? Yeah, that’s typical except there is nothing typical about the quirky teen, Alice Sungurov.

An overcomer of  auditory difficulty, Alice let’s her voice speak to her volumes of courage and strength. Diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder at the tender age of four, lovely Alice is now celebrating the international release of her single “So Blind”.

This role model to teens, struggling  with disabilities and seeking courage to achieve their dreams can find a heroine in Alice Sungurov. Born to Russian immigrant parents in a small town in New Jersey, Alice  lives,creates and furthers her music in Manhattan NY.

In NYC the mecca of dreams made and broken, Hit Play Records a subsidiary of Sony Music signed and produced this globe trotting, singer/songwriter….the result an 80’s teen queen Cyndi Lauper/Toni Basil mash-up sound“So Blind”.  Alice missed the 80’s but she would have fit right in to that era and undoubtedly found a spot on soundtracks like The Breakfast Club or Back To The Future.

A future, as an influencer of her generation, listen for Alice Sungurov’s name a long side, Taylor Swift, Megan & Liz, Birdy and Bonnie McKee to name a truly talented few.

“So Blind” single released July 22, 2014

Don’t take my word for it, listen for yourself.

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