Music Review: The Voices Of Terror “Rock-Rap Dynasty”

No, not the Jersey Shore, but New Jersey  nonetheless. Are you looking for an underground Hip Hop/Rock fusion duo, that salts their sound with electronic sway….then  BOOM! you have The Voices Of Terror.

Need hard driving, boomtastic beats with aggressive ( all you need is a straight razor and a bottle of jack) vocals to explode in ya ear?…..then you have got this sound to satisfy you.

Crank up the OG rock/rap sound and blow out the windows and let it rain….if you’re fed up with everything, The Voices Of Terror will help you wallow in your darkness.

There is a time, for wallowing in darkness, and it needs music.

Influenced by Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy  and The Death Grips to name a few…the debut album Rock-Rap Dynasty, keeps vocalist/rappers Mike Walker and Zero, true to their unique sound fusion creation.

Rock-Rap Dynasty: dropped on  7/27/2014

Listen peeps to the “Warning”

Bandcamp: The Voices Of Terror

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