Music Review: Julian Rhine’s Single “No God Flow”

colors-live-580x384So this is a different brew, the new single from Hip Hop artist Julian Rhine, No God Flow is a atheistic rebel yell… no God and no Country under God.  Got that that ?…..religious separatism set to hip hop beats. With strong musical prowess to hold his own with top tier artists…Macklemore, Diddy and Mobb Deep, Julian Rhine grabs your ear, if your open to his point of view or maybe if you just like the beats.

Raised in Brooklyn, NYC, college in Nashville, TN and returning with an eclectic World view to the East Village of NYC…. rapper The White Rhino emerged.

Julian, as The White Rhino, recorded two albums and logged in multiple well received performances from NY to Vegas.

Releasing the Rhino image and returning to his given name, Julian  reinvented himself as an anti-religion crusader dedicated to ripping apart the veil of religious servitude.

The revelation of an atheistic view of the Christian God… which is none! …is the view of No God Flow, perhaps not a comfortable view but a view nonetheless.

No God Flow a lyrical statement, from a Brooklyn born Atheist Jew, with a taste for Hip Hop. Hip Hop loves controversy soooo….. the former White Rhino, can take his God given right to a seat at the table.

No God Flow was released to the World at large on 5/13/14

Listen for yourself…follow the link

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