Music Review: Ken Dahl’s New Dance Single ” Casper”

makeupdid-580x280The club kids of the World have a new song to twerk to, underground dance and pop star Ken Dahl has a treatise set to a dance beat aimed at the cowards who cyber bully.

New dance single “Casper” is the bullied victims fight club rally…….and it’s on. Take your foot off the gas and slow your roll, cyber bullies cause Ken Dahl is comin’ for ya, in your ear.

Channeling 90’s R&B greats like Brandy, Toni Braxton, Aaliyah and the UK’s Robyn…Dahl released his angst and passion in poetry as a teenager fuming at authority figures and their authoritative rule over him. With the angst only a teen searching for his own power can truly understand, Ken Dahl found his voice and released unique point of view in songwriting. Putting this point of view to dance beats… he it big with the scandalous club hit if “This Pussy Could Talk” in this he seduced the clubs and the underground nightcrawlers.

Raging with talent and a bumpin’ sound Dahl dropped four albums “Tricks Of The Trade”- 2009, “The Adahlcalype” in 2010, “Ken Dahl” in 2011 and “GPS” in 2012. After his stream of success he ducked out for bit to nurse a few personal wounds, then got back in the game with the new single “Casper”.

“Casper” dropped September 13th , 2014.

Listen here…

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