Keep Cool with Free Tunes From The Eskimoans

The Eskimoans

Route 8 Records

This West Coast Florida label delivers once again with a brilliant punk release by several Inuits who moved south. My guess for the migration is they missed not having an idiot Governor of their own what with Sarah Palin out of a job, and Rick Scott being the next best thing to a spite filled, unintelligible, Republican sexpot currently available, it all made sense to their sub arctic thinking.

Somewhere along the way they found some guitars, wrote some songs about sippy cups and Steak and Shake, so what’s not to love?

“Daddy’s Coming Home” is a great song for anyone who’s been stuck with an angry under 3 year old. “Cheap Date,” speaks for itself. Who doesn’t love a girl who loves the value menu? “Desperate Wannabe” does a great job of sounding like a million other songs you already love. With “Senior Pool Party,” this release clocks in at under 10 minutes and is its own sort of perfection.

This is just enough. Enough to leave you wanting more. Enough to make you wonder what else they have and still unsatisfied you’ll press play and start at the beginning once again.

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