Snarky Puppy Performs at the Drom NYC

Snarky Puppy @ the Drom NYC. Photos taken by: Anduriña 

I went to see Snarky Puppy on Friday at the Drom NYC. There I was surrounded by hundreds of hipsters in a dark basement-like venue with dozens of beer bottles being passed. It was unlike any place I had ever been to and I had to stand the entire time! Yes, I am used to sitting while hearing/watching a performance. It was also really late at night and my drooping eyes and constant yawn was a conformation that this girl (points to self) is not a night owl. BUT! Besides all that lethargy and standing for an hour, Snarky Puppy made it all worth it.Snarky Puppy

This jazz/funk/world/pop fusion band (yes, they are that eclectic) originated in Dayton, Texas. Led by bassist and composer, Michael League. Since their formation in 2004, they have relocated to Brooklyn, New York and their fan base has never been bigger. With over 59 thousand likes on Facebook and 3.1 thousand connections on Myspace, the future of this amazing band is only going to get better. Like Grammys better.

What I like about this band is their genius and musical intelligence. Writing a four chord song is nothing for these musicians. They’ll throw the beat off, bring it back again, speed it up, change up the melody, and have you tap your foot for one minute and sway in the next–all in one song. I was in complete awe at the sound I was hearing and I knew that I was witnessing true art.

So even though I left the performance a little early because I was indeed very fatigued, Snarky Puppy is far from a bore. Take a listen if you don’t believe me.



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