Major Powers Has 7 inches Worth Checking Out

Major Powers And the Lo-Fi Symphony

Like A Metaphor For Sex/I Need Your Help

Amazing Pony, 2013

Excessively theatrical, self indulgent debauchery has never hurt anyone except for those people who just couldn’t handle too much of  a good MAJOR-POWERS-labels-300x149thing. And brother, something tells me this San Fran trio is on the Keith  Richards side the room when the Bacchanal starts. There’s a real seize the day vibe  from these three where they abandon all expectations of what a rock or pop act  should be and they do as they damn well please.

Following in the footsteps of their so fine full length release, this seven inch, maybe  small for some, but still bigger than average, packs a solid one-two musical punch of  twisted theatrical musings from Major Powers and the Lo-Fi Symphony. Side A’ s off-  colored, but never venturing to the world of Gangsta rap, “Like A Metaphor For Sex,” is a bit of colorful, drunken reverie for highbrow art patrons slumming into the wee hours hours of the night.

This song is dumb enough to rock and smart enough to avoid making you feel like your watching an Adam Sandler film.

The flip side’s “I Need Your Help” is a more understated bit of subversive fun. A parody of a pep talk for the romantically disadvantaged. There’s a perversely gleeful quality to the narrator’s suffering. Personally, I can’t see the advantage of taking on someone so deeply damaged, except to enjoy their outsized torment up close.

Once again Major Powers And The Lo-Fi Symphony have delivered a memorable musical offering that will leave you humming along as the needle spins endlessly round the paper label, begging that you start over, once again.

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