MonaLisa Twins

when_were_together_cover_shadow_1_1-580x580Show,don’t tell!……is your driving force when your nineteen and taking on the World….when taking on the music industry on your own terms, as an indie music artist, that’s the winning attitude, the winning attitude is what the MonaLisa Twins have got.

Indie duo MonaLisa Twins have one foot each in the past and the present, with their debut album “When We’re Together” steeped in an appreciation for The Beatles and various 60’s pop influences.

Fun times and fun music is the artistic view of the MonaLisa Twins, with 60’s beat sound…. the title track  “When We’re Together” is rockin’ on a wave of  light fun notes, electric guitar and trippy with the influence of Elvis and the 60’s classic pop group The Monkees .

Actual twins, 19 years-old Mona and Lisa (no seriously,those are their real birth names) Wagner  were born and raised in Austria. The twins owe their musical leanings to their father, who ran an recording studio in their home, where they were surrounded by musicians daily. In a house filled with many styles of music,the girls  began with their first concert at the age of thirteen, covering favorite songs from the 60’s through to 2007 after experimentation they settled on styling their sound after 60’s pop sound ( think early Elvis and The Monkees or maybe The Beach Boys.)

Mona and Lisa at the tender age of 16 began recording their debut album “When We’re Together” which popped off in 2012, with Mona and Lisa on vocals,blues harp, guitar,  and uklele respectively.

“When We’re Together”  is a simple, light and fun bob your head to the beat with the top down on your convertible kinda debut album for a couple of fun loving kids. Twins have pushed themselves forward  playing live shows all over Europe , and the US in festivals and mid-size venues, Austrian radio and are gaining fans through YouTube…….2 million views and 4,500 subscribers to their channel don’t lie. The MonaLisa Twins are on their way together!


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