Music Review: Jared Deck’s Single ’17 Miles’

In recent years there has been an upswing in interest the Americana music genre….country music in general, country rock has never really faded way and now with help of Taylor Swift country pop. Americana or Mid-americana music is American heartland storytelling and one of the newest to tell it is Oklahoma born Jared Deck.

After being frontman for the cowpunk (I can’t believe that is even a band type but whatever) band Green Corn Revival for six years playing many gigs and festivals across the country, Jared left the band, started writing his own music. With lyrics that express his own emotional struggles, Deck has used his talent to face with raw courage and lyrical and vocal prowess the dark things that play in his mind.

The single 17 Miles has Jared Deck taking the listener into his chosen genre, Americana, he has called it a place of hopeless optimism. An organic sound 17 Miles tells a story common to some and uncommon to many, but as always with music, all can partake.

Reminiscent of John Cougar Mellencamp, Merle Haggard, even a little Johnny Cash’s predilection for darkness in his lyrics this version of Americana is depressing, but to each his own. This sad sentiment is not new to country music or country folk music, 17 Miles does bring it’s small moments of hope.

Production/Writers – Jared Deck, Jacy Deck, Travis McKinzie, Arrangement – Jared Deck, Travis McKinzie, Chad Roper (Aranda, Charlie Hall) Producer – Wes Sharon (John Fullbright, Parker Millsap, Turnpike
Troubadours, The Grahams, Grammy nominee)

The single was released June 2, 2015

Listen here:

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