Some of The Best Performances of 2019 Grammys

The Grammys aired on February 10, 2019. TV viewers had the opportunity to watch it on CBS. JLo’s Motown Tribute along with Smokey Robinson and Ne-Yo, Cardi B’s performance to “Money,” Alicia Keys playing two piano’s at one time were few of the most exciting performances of the night.

Camila Cabello brought us to her lovely Cuba; Her singing to “Havana” Oh na-na. She had Young Thug, Ricky Martin, J Balvin perform with her. Legendary Arturo Sandoval played the trumpet.

The design of the stage was epic. All while Camila performed. It had different brightly colored apartment units. The comedian LeJuan James was in one of the units. He was dressed as an “old lady” dancing to “Havana.”

Lady Gaga sang and British DJ Mark was on stage with her. He helped spike her rock star performance to her song “Shallow.”

Also, Janelle MonĂ¡e wore an army space suit. While she performed. The smoke and lights that surrounded her impacted the audience and TV viewers. BUT, her words: “Let the vagina have a monologue.” Yeah about that…let us say no more.

The Grammys’ Dolly Parton tribute did not fail. Miley Cyrus with Shawn Mendes on a piano transmitting golden light, honored Dolly Parton. Both of their voices joined a force creating beautiful sound.

Dolly Parton went to the stage too, to honor herself. Katy Perry and Kacey Musgraves were with her.

Then Miley Cyrus again along with another artist celebrated Dolly Parton’s musical achievements. Once again Dolly Parton was there singing too. She celebrated her success in the music industry. Success that has been for so many years. Parton honestly deserves “standing ovation.”

Detroit-born legendary singer burst onto the stage in a extravagant fiery red dress. Her name–Diana Ross. Her uplifting performance made her the center of attention. She stood right in the middle of the crowd and told everybody to not be lazy. And to lift their hands as she sang. Diana couldn’t hold the tears back. She remembered her music trajectory like never before.

At age 75 she looked spectacular. As a matter of fact it was her Birth-DAY. Diana ended her performance by saying, “Happy Birthday to me!!!”

What a night at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards!!! The show that aired live this past Sunday had more performances. Although the above artists sparked more interest to the media.

Let alone, Cardi B had haters complaining about her triumph. After she had won a Grammy. She currently shut down her Instagram. Cardi B left some of us wondering when will she be back to social media. Because then again she is such an entertainer.

JLo was also criticized for not doing that great of a job. Though Smokey Ribinson defended her. He stated that Motown is not music only for African Americans but for others too. Therefore giving her every right to have done the Motown Tribute. He even called the haters, “stupid.”

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