The Audio/Fashion Must-Have Item of the Season

Great Moments in Horror; Part1: The Surf Zombies

The Surf Zombies are landlocked and not undead, but this hasn’t stopped them from sporting one of the coolest images ever. While not a Horror band by the strict definition of the genre, this great instrumental surf rock inspired band cranks out amazing songs that would be right at home in the best horror B movies.

With titles like “Meatgrinder,” Hammerhead,” and “Nothing Good Happens After Midnight,” the Surf Zombies are acutely aware of the image they want portray, daddy-o. This is the perfect music for the Hot Rod soundtrack of the revenge movie playing in your head as you drive back and forth to the drudgery you call your job.

The surfing skeleton on a T-Shirt is probably the coolest horror related image bandied about in ages for a myriad of reasons. It’s not gory, which is just too easy to go there. It’s a funny and revealing glimpse at the camp humor SZ seems to have so much of.

The Surf Zombies are worth checking out, or at least getting in touch to get in order to buy the coolest new addition to your wardrobe. This T-shirt is a must have item.

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