Tia & Jonny’s Punk Rock Wedding

As far as weddings go, everything’s been done. Black metal, Star Wars, Star Trek, Kiss-themed, rodeo and nudist wedding’s; there are not a whole lot of original, untapped, never-before-done themes left to explore, this goes for the Punk Rock Wedding as well. Doesn’t mean it’s gonna be lame.

Jon Bailey, aka Jonny Fiend, and his tattooed bride, the former Ms. Tia Biermann, never really considered tying the knot any other way. Jonny has served as the drummer for Tampa’s finest punks, Boney Fiend for over 16 years. What better way to be true to himself and his community? They both embraced that which he has given so much of himself to. Those in attendance honored the couples request to wear black and keep the color scheme monochromatic on this sunny Florida afternoon.

Wedding March, we don’t need no stinkin’ wedding march when the Star Wars theme served nicely for Jimmy Fiend to walk the bride down the aisle.  He delivered her safely to the groom to the strains of John Williams’s most famous work. The ceremony, officiated by none other than Brother D, aka Darrell Fleming, bassist and vocalist for horror punks Lazaras, as well as an ordained minister.  Dapper in his ¾ length frock coat, his soft spoken delivery of vows cut a sharp contrast to the screaming, jumping figure he portrays on stage. Then there are the rings. Specially made for the couple, the rings stayed in lockstep with every other left of center taste represented, were matching black bands emblazed with the Batman logo. Fitting, as the newlywed couple exited the ceremony to the sounds of The Ventures playing the TV show theme.

The wedding was just the preamble to the best show you weren’t invited to. The line up, Devious Dynamo, Doll Parts, Skurvy the Clown reunited just for the occasion, Lazaras, Boney Fiend, Circuitry, Hell Bent and The Optimators. Also in attendance were some of the scene luminaries past and present, members of Rat Cafeteria, Rebel 5, still more Boney Fiend alumni, Spiny Pigweed, et al.

The songs, most of which have never been played on commercial radio anywhere, were all sing-alongs here. The Ramones, The Groovie Ghoulies, and the Misfits well represented by tribute band, Hell Bent, and mountains of original music, well known to those in attendance, thankfully took the place of the standard wedding fare most everyone is sick of.

More than one couple wandered into the rented room, thinking the show was part of the entertainment attached to the adjacent bar. Staying and enjoying the show for a while before realizing it was a private event. One accidental trespassing couple blushed as the bride walked past; suddenly realizing they were crashing a private shindig, congratulated her as they excused themselves. Some of the uninvited stayed and hid themselves in dark corners, not wanting to miss a thing. Others, less bold, watched from outside, listening to better tunes than the juke box next door had to offer, wondering how they missed an invite to the best party in town.

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