Who is Michael Allen?

Today, I got to sit down with Michael Allen, an idiosyncratic musician in Las Vegas. I was the only one sitting. Michael was all over the place, working on his unique Sanctuary.  The primary mission is to create a place where you can consistently find quality underground electronic music.  Allowing artists, other bedroom DJs and music lovers to escape, Michael is an ingenious musician. He has a way of making everything from tracks to the people around him come together. Michael isn’t just making music; he’s building a family of eclectic people.

What is  good electronic music?

“It’s emotional and groundbreaking. Music that doesn’t belong to a genre. It needs to be visual, and somehow relatable to who’s hearing it. I want to be taken somewhere I wasn’t when the track started. If it inspires me, if it moves me. Those are all things that help me determine what good electronic music is”.

There’s something special about his music. It’s something that should be experienced by anyone who’s been looking for quality music. He is multifaceted; he has a very broad spectrum of sounds.  Michael’s taste in music is quite sophisticated and unmatched. Perhaps it’s from 20 years of working in and managing clubs across the nation, from New York to Atlanta, Miami, Oregon and now Las Vegas (Las Vegas has been referred to by Pete Tong as the new Ibiza).  I can hardly wait to see this gifted musician to be heard.

Does your music reflect Michael Allen, how so?

“No I don’t expect it to, once it’s released, once it’s heard the artist no longer exists anymore. You’re left with good music that, if anything, will inspire other people to do the same”.

Can you tell me about some current projects you’re working on?

“I’m probably doing too many things at once.  Primarily I’m trying to keep electronic music alive, through creation, and collaboration. Zero 7 is a great  example; multiple musicians making music together. I’m trying to get back to the basics, it’s time to stop watching the Dj and get back out on the dance floor.”

What is the hardest part about being an electronic musician?

“The monotony  of creating it. The technical problems you run into when working with other bedroom DJs. Not being able to share it as much as I want to”.

I can understand  how making music can be a fun version of hell. DJs have it a little worse because they have to be perfect. The pressure has corrupted some amazing musicians and they forget that they started playing for fun. Then, it turns into a day job that they begin to hate. They’re forced to play top 40 music that doesn’t belong in a club in the first place. Something else I admire about Michael is that he hasn’t sold his soul to the radio.

What kind of music do you listen to when you’re not playing for a crowd?

“Trente Moller, Pink Floyd, Sia, and a kid you’ve probably never heard of”.

If you could play anywhere in Las Vegas, where would you play?

“Either the Palms or The Cosmopolitan, but it’s always changing”.

Hear Michael’s music @ www.soundcloud.com/akadj  add him on Facebook.com/eyesrollback.Dangersectokr13-copy-2-300x200

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