Universe Expands, Contracts, and Has Great Harmonies



At first glance, you might dismiss Universe as just another pop punk band from anywhere, U-S-A.. In this case, Chi-town gets the credit for this four piece.

The damndest thing happened as I listened more closely to this disc. Amazing harmonies came forward and startled me. “Walk” is a song with more changes than one would really expect from a straight ahead band, and the vocal play going on at the end of the song is a much more involved as well.

“Orange Leaves” moves a little too quick at times to be a single, but it’s catchy as hell. And it’s the second example on the disc of the drummer Pierce Burke and the rhythm guitars driving a song. This occurs throughout, an it’s a neat trick. This band is in locked into each others thinking, and it shows.

The vocals are smooth and polished, floating easily over the aggressive drive of the instrumentation.

The disc closes out with “Remember Me.” a good solid memorable poppy number. “Maybe it’s not even worth it” lead vocalist Jaime Miller sings. Is he questioning himself or just stating a fact?

Universe have created an intersting jumping off point to move forward from. Chances is solid through and through, Now as they perform live to support it, here’s their chance to develop all those ideas, they’ve been hinting at and maybe take a few risks as well.


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