Pigs You Ruin Everything

Solar flare Records, 2012 

There’s a couple of clowns on the cover of this thing, so you know right off it’s meant to be unsettling, and it is. Dirty, nasty, look like they’re taking a break from fighting or throwing matches at the bearded lady when this picture was snapped sort of clowns. So what’s it got to do with anything?

It’s the tip off this’ll be a memorable dust up, no matter the outcome. Pigs is an NYC post hardcore/metal screamer of an album that claws like an animal caught in a half assed, jury rigged trap, and you’ll probably get hurt no matter how carefully you handle it.

Opening with “Give It” it feels like it needs a bit to compose itself, with eerie jagged guitar lines, but is ultimately a pounding juggernaut of a song.

The album is unrelenting. One brawny, punishing song after another, pushes through the speakers.

Densely constructed and well produced, the songs are more or less all in the same vein. “Massive Operater Error” is another standout track for the room they afford the song to breathe. Sludgey and dirty, it’s a fun listen. Whether you want to piss off the neighbors, get rid of the annoying girlfriend or get back in touch with your inner child who hated everything and everyone, this is the perfect soundtrack to keep you company.



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