Where is the love?

On your way to the new “HOT” club, you pass a club where you see someone you know. You find out the person you know is hosting an event at the club that’s on your way to the “HOT” club, so you decide to stop by and stay a while. Even though you’re having fun, you find yourself torn between leaving to go stand in the line at the “HOT” club (which is so long, it hugs the corner), or staying to see the “new” artist.

Where is the love for the upcoming artist, actor, etc. on the grind?  Most people would rather support someone who doesn’t need much support than to show local love. Most times, when we overlook new artists, we miss the gems standing outside of the box.  Here are some of the gems being over looked. I recommend you check out the following artists/events when they’re in your town:

Fudakochi Narcisse

Although he claims to be not of this planet, his music is- out of
this world. This soulfully, alternative artist speaks to millions
through his music. You can check him out @ 

Mr. Pri$e

Thinking outside of the box has never been a problem for Mr. Pri$e
because his music has never been in a box. He music is ahead of our time
and can not be contained. His fusion of Pop, Funky, and techno puts his
undeniably distinctive signature on every song he makes.  You can check
him out @ http://www.facebook.com/hiprisemusic

Rough Draft

The first Thursday of every month, Rough Draft is the event to be at–happening @ Transit Lounge. Artists of any medium go up on stage and create, sing, dance, write, etc. by way of free style. It is an inspirational and humbling experience for both artists and spectators. You can check out the ladies of Rough Draft @www.roughdraftinc.com

Remember, green means go, so go to these websites and see what you’ve been missing.

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